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Without a breaker to a handsome room

A lick of paint or strip of wallpaper are far from the only options for those who want to take their home to the next level. An accent wall, for example, where the plasterwork is removed to reveal the brick. However, for those who do not feel like demolition, few options often remain. Until now. With Maestro Latt, you can give your home a quick but long-lasting dose of character.

So it's time to raise the Latt!

Colour outside the lines


In architecture, the addition of vertical lines is a powerful means of dramatically enriching the character of a room via a single wall. However, the hefty price tag attached to these mostly solid, exclusive raw materials meant that these wall coverings often only seemed to be installed in collaboration with an architect, often reserving the effect for non-residential use.



287 x 1250 x 20 mm - 2/box = 0.72 m2
287 x 2770 x 20 mm - 2/box = 1.59 m2

Maestro Latt in picture