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This is how to install the Latt panels yourself

The unique tongue and groove connection makes it perfectly possible to install the Maestro Latt panels yourself, for both new construction and renovation. After all, you create a new, smooth and even top layer, as it were, regardless of the condition of the underlying surface. And so Maestro Latt forms an unabated eye-catcher that you can easily install yourself in one day, without any chopping and breaking.


287 x 1250 x 20 mm - 2/box = 0.72 m²
287 x 2770 x 20 mm - 2/box = 1.59 m²

Latt wall panels are 125 or 277 cm high, thus covering most walls from floor to ceiling. Of course, the panels are also easy to shorten to the desired height. With only 2 cm thickness, you have minimal space loss in the room.

Installation of the panels

Two options, three steps

  1. Make a wooden slatted grid and saw the panels to the desired size.
  2. Fasten the panels with staples or with Maestro fixing clips.
  3. Finish with profiles if needed.


  1. Make the wall free of dirt and moisture and saw the panels to the desired dimensions.
  2. Apply adhesive to the wall and to the MDF base of the back of the Latt wall panel.
  3. Finish with profiles if necessary.

Finishing accessories

End profile kit

Finishing accessories


left side 

20 x 41 x 2770 mm 

Backing + latt

right side

20 x 30 x 2770 mm

Backing + latt

After installing 2 end profiles

your wall will therefore be 71 mm wider.

Cover strip

30 x 120 x 2700 mm

1 pcs/pack (2,7 lm)