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The addition of vertical lines in architecture is a frequently tried and tested means of dramatically enriching the character of a space through a single wall. However, the often hefty price tag attached to these solid, exclusive raw materials means that this wall covering often appeared to be only installed in cooperation with an architect, and so the effect was often reserved for non-residential use.  Until now!

Highly decorative

Your interior, magazine-worthy

With a minimal intervention you inject your living space with a lot of extra 'magazine-worthy' character. Latt is available in six variants, so there is something for every interior style.

Why Latt?


With Maestro Latt, we quickly make living spaces rise above them by adding high-quality decorative elements. The panels come in six variants, from wood and stone to plain black and white. Something for every interior style.


Not only in the production of Maestro Latt, but also in terms of the product itself, Maestro Latt is a paragon of sustainability.

For example, not only is our PEFC certified wood a very conscious choice, but since the wall panels can subsequently be moved to a different living space, they also have an extended life cycle.


Maestro Latt is completely UV-resistant, and therefore retains its color intensity and depth in the long term. Moreover, you do not have to treat the panels with oil or varnish. Easy, isn't it?


With Latt you get the tool to not only give your living room, office or children's room a decorative quality injection, but also to improve the sound inside. Sound waves are no longer reflected, but are received between the grooves of the Latt wall panel.

Easy installation

The unique tongue and groove connecting system make it perfectly possible to install the Maestro Latt panels yourself, for both new construction and renovation of old walls. After all, you create a new, flat top layer, regardless of the condition of the underlying surface.

For anchoring, you can either opt to glue the panels on top of an existing wall, or you can clip or nail the panels onto a wooden frame.

The advantage of this latter method is that you can perfectly remove the panels again after a while, in order to upgrade another living space with them if you want!

Three times the charm:
DIY project in the spotlight

“I have a passion for interior design and love to discover new products that are in line with my style,” Nik says. “And that style is minimalist and calm, with a touch of Nordic and Japandi.” 


The passion for interior can hardly be contained, to the extent that Nik also spreads this love via Instagram (IG: _interiorbynik). And that is how she also came across Maestro Latt. The beginning of a true love story, because Nik immediately chose to decorate several rooms with the beautiful Latt wall panels.


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