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Interior fanatic Nik immediately went all-in with a three-part DIY project with Latt

“I have a passion for interior design and love to discover new products that are in line with my style,” Nik says. “And that style is minimalist and calm, with a touch of Nordic and Japandi.” 

The passion for interior can hardly be contained, to the extent that Nik also spreads this love via Instagram (IG: _interiorbynik). And that is how she also came across Maestro Latt. The beginning of a true love story, because Nik immediately chose to decorate several rooms with the beautiful Latt wall panels.


The living room: part I

Design: Matte Black

Sometimes the easiest way also provides the best result. Because where Nik initially decided herself to cut individual wooden beams, sand them, prime them and paint them in the hope of obtaining a beautiful profiled wall, the outcome was not as hoped and her DIY project gave her a true headache. A headache to which Latt wall panels were able to offer the perfect answer: guaranteed straight lines, slats at equal distances from each other, and the whole thing was installed at lightning speed. The result? A matt black accent wall that visually breaks her flat kitchen wall.

The living room: part II

Design: Castle Oak

After the matte black paneling, another corner of the living room was tackled. By opting for constrasting Castle Oak wall panels, which complement the floor covering, Nik immediately succeeded in introducing a great deal of extra warmth and cosiness into the space.   A striking thing: in this setting,  the Latt- panels, with their beautiful relief, were combined with flat Maestro Panel panels 
in the same decor. Thanks to the tongue and groove system, the panels fit together perfectly. With its beautiful optical effect, this new wall became the eye-catcher of the living space.  



The bedroom

Design: Matte Black

The last room to tackle was the bedroom, a space in which Nik had previously decorated the back wall with the paint brush, achieving the effect of a decorative plaster.   The Latt panels only reach up to a certain height, thus highlighting the complementarity with the decorative plaster. First, she made a wooden frame from slats, on which she simply fastened the panels. The panels are sturdy enough to secure any bedside cabinets or to hang lighting on them.

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