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Refined elegance with Latt Luxx

Looking for a way to enhance your interior with a touch of luxury and character? Brass details are a popular choice in a range of interior styles these days, from traditional to industrial. They add warmth and charm to any interior, even more so than gold. What’s more, brass also looks great when combined with natural materials such as wood and marble, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant overall picture that is the perfect match for both sleek, contemporary interiors and more rustic settings.


Meet Maestro Latt Luxx, the brass variant of our stunning Latt collection. With its elegance and brass backing, Latt Luxx really stands out in the presence of light. That’s because its brilliant refl ection ensures that Latt Luxx radiates a different aura at every time of day. In doing so, this look provides an extra touch of sophistication and dynamism, on top of the allure added by Maestro Latt’s vertical lines in the fi rst place. 



287 x 1250 x 20 mm - 2/box = 0,72 m2
287 x 2770 x 20 mm - 2/box = 1,59 m2

Maestro Latt - Luxx in the picture