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In 6 steps to a magazine-worthy interior with Maestro Latt wall panels


Step 1: Determine your preferences

Determine whether you want to use the LATT panels as a full wall or just as an accent wall. If you opt for an accent wall, decide which part of the wall you want to cover. For example, you can choose to cover only a headboard behind your bed or a piece of wall behind your TV set to make the whole thing a little more exciting!

Step 2: Allow the panels to acclimate


Once your plan has taken shape, it is important to roll up your sleeves after a visit to the timber trade or DIY store. Once everything is in your home, it is important to allow the wood panels to acclimate for 24 hours in the room where they will be placed. This allows them to get used to the environment and adjust to the temperature and humidity.

Step 3: Prepare the wall

Make sure the surface where you want to place the Latt wall is smooth and completely free of dust and grease. If the wall is not flat enough, make a wooden slatted grid first.

Step 4: Saw the panels to size


  • The panels are standard 2770 mm high. If the wall you wish to cover is less high, or if you simply prefer not to have the wall reach ceiling height, then it is of course necessary to cut the panels to size if you want to make them fit.
  • If you choose not to cover the entire width of the wall with Latt panels, you can nicely finish your wall with the two end profiles that are attached to the left and right side. In this case, please note that the width including 2 end profiles will be 71 mm wider. The panels are 300 mm wide. To save yourself sawing work, it is best to choose a multiple of this size to cover your wall.
  • If there are facilities such as sockets or switches that you have to take into account, measure their location accurately, mark this on the Latt panels and provide the recess(es) using a clock drill with the correct diameter. You can then attach the cover plate of your socket or switch to your panel.

Step 5: Attach the panels


If you choose not to cover the entire width of the wall, start by installing an end profile. A full wall? Then glue the Latt wall panels directly to the wall or shoot them on the wooden slatted grid. Make sure they fit snugly and perpendicularly and that the seams between the panels are tight and even.


Step 6: Enjoy!


Maestro LATT wall cladding panels are a fantastic way to give a room a unique look. By following these simple steps, you can easily and quickly install these panels and transform your room into a unique, modern space. Good luck!

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